Who to trust with your finances

Who do you trust with your finances?

When it comes to everyday purchases and spending your hard earned money on necessities it’s pretty easy to decide where best to buy. For instance, would you buy apples from your butcher or get your hair cut at the petrol station?

Then, who would you entrust, or more importantly, do you entrust with your worldly assets, life savings and future investments? A bank? A building society? Or your mattress?

When it comes to commercial and property finance, a high street bank isn’t always the right solution. Yes – the traditional high street bank is the expert in day to day banking transactions such as direct debits and transfers, but they may not be the best for invoice discounting, asset finance and loans.

Or, perhaps a bank’s appetite isn’t in a certain sector, i.e. property. There are dozens of non-high street lenders who specialise in this sector. Many people think that the rates and charges of non high street lenders will be higher. This isn’t the case. On many occasions the rates, loan to value and charges are either comparable or better than high street rates. And it is the appetite to lend that also differs. There are hundreds of specialist lenders who create specific and bespoke financial products to fit in with your business needs.

So, before you put all your eggs in the same basket, seek specialist guidance via a reputable broker who has experience and knowledge of the alternative solutions now available within the commercial marketplace. It pays to shop around!


Mike Coates, Managing Director

Since 2008, Mike has been building a team of experts who continuously deliver results for their clients.