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Abigail Taylor

As independent, whole of market, commercial finance brokers, our goal is to get you the right funding on the best possible terms.

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We’d love to tell you that it’s a piece of cake, but finance is a heavily regulated industry, so there are no shortcuts.

Luckily for you, we have a wealth of experience, a ton of industry knowledge, and a fantastic process that means when you choose us as your broker, you’re more likely to get the result you want.


Getting to know you

There’s no sugar-coating it; we’re going to get personal. If you want lenders to take a risk on you, we need to make sure they know what those risks are. And that means taking a deep dive into your financial closets to make sure there are no skeletons.

But we’re not just being nosey. The more thorough we are at this stage, the more chance there is that the rest of the process will be plain sailing. Because by taking the time to understand you and your business, we make sure we get you the right deal and ensure the likelihood of completion.

Commercial Expert Team

Providing the solution

Armed with all the right information, we go out and source you the commercial mortgage or loan you need on the most favourable terms we can get for you. We then present you with the deal, along with our terms of engagement.


Reviewing the terms

This is the part where you review and accept the terms. We can’t deny there might be a bit of financial jargon flying around at this stage, but we’re on hand to help you decipher it all so you understand exactly what you’re signing up to.


Crossing the ‘T’s

Ah – the fine print! Absolutely nobody’s favourite part, but the most essential step. This is where everything is confirmed and finalised with the lender so that your loan or mortgage can be processed.


Seeing it through

This is the step that we think sets Commercial Expert apart from other brokers. We could step back once your deal is finalised and leave you to wait patiently for your funds. But we don’t. We stay on the case until the money has been transferred to the right place, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

And of course, even once your funding has come through, we’ll stay in touch in case you need our help again in the future.

Advice you can trust at every stage

Whether you’re looking for commercial finance for the first time, have been rejected by other lenders, or have been through the process more times than you can count, we’re here to help.

You can have complete confidence that we always act with your best interests in mind, giving honest, impartial, uncomplicated advice.

But we can’t do any of that unless you pick up the phone and call. So if you need business funding and would rather not have the headache that goes with finding the right deal, get in touch and let us take care of it for you.

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“Since the very first meeting over 6 years ago, Mike and the team at Commercial Expert team have worked tirelessly to help me build my portfolio, finding the right finance solutions AND getting me the best deal every time. Their knowledge and experience of the property and finance sector is second to none and they instil confidence and reassurance throughout every stage of the process. The personalisation of the services they offer, and the speed at which they can complete complex cases continues to impress me.”

-John Paul, The Castledene Group