Case Study

Refinancing for commercial properties

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in cases where high street lenders have lost their appetite for certain sectors.

One such case was a family business in Scotland with over 30 years of experience developing a range of commercial and residential properties.

They needed to refinance their investment properties away from their high street lender or risk losing the portfolio and the business they had spent three decades building.

The investment properties were mainly commercial (small lock-up units) and were all let on short-term rolling leases. The lack of a long term anchor tenant had led to the client getting declines from other lenders.

They were introduced to Commercial Expert by one of our contacts, and we were able to help.

We provided a five year, interest-only commercial investment loan via a specialist investment lender who was comfortable with the short term leases due to them having a very good occupancy rate.

The client was able to refinance away from his existing funder and safeguard his business from the threat of liquidation cause by his existing lender changing their appetite. They now refer other business to Commercial Expert, and we have built a strong rapport with the MD.