Case Study

Perseverance in times of challenging new build investment

Client Details:

OJ Property and Sourcing Ltd

Clients Problem

OJ Property and Sourcing Ltd was our long-standing client, who had previously taken out 2 bridging loans to purchase and renovate a property and car park into student housing. The terms of the original bridging loans stated that long-term finance must be secured after six months - the lender also stated that no re-financing application could be made within six months unless refurbishment had been carried out. The deal also had to be completed within three months of the application. The client was fast approaching the deadline for additional charges being incurred.

The Commercial Expert Way

Having organised the original bridging loans for the client, we’d made a prior plan as to how they could exit the loan after the six-month term. We were able to organise the valuation of the property in advance so that the lender had everything they needed when the application was submitted. Working with our trusted partners, we secured the new finance within six months and 1 day of the original loan being issued.


We were able to secure a new loan of £2,175,000 with Shawbrook Bank on a five-year fixed rate. This allowed for the original loans to be settled and a cash sum to put towards the planned summer renovations.