Case Study

Dropping the ball

When you’re trying to manage properties worldwide, it can be tough keeping on top of everything, and it’s easy to ‘drop the ball’.

That’s what happened with one of our high net worth clients who was based over in Switzerland.

The lenders on his £3million London flat had called the debt in, due to him not keeping on top of renovation works. They were going to sell the property from under him to clear their debt.

Luckily, a Swiss broker we know introduced him to Commercial Expert, knowing we’d be able to sort out the mess he’d gotten into.

We got to work, sourcing a bridging funder who was prepared to take on the property debt so the client could renovate the property, which more than doubled its value!

Our client was saved from the ignominy of losing a flagship property to a lender who would have sold it for much less than market value to exit their position. He was then able to renovate and profit accordingly.

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“I took my eye off the ball and it could have cost me a huge sum of money. James and Commercial Expert were the only ones who managed to help me find a new lender and I’m eternally grateful to them.”