Act on your ideas

Even when businesses are at their most invigorated, a common challenge is that of progressing their future vision – putting ideas on paper and plans into action – whilst caught up in the day to day management, time-consuming tasks, and inevitable problems of a business.

Our approach at Commercial Expert, working with clients, often sees us act in a financial advisory capacity, and as such we’ve compiled our top tips to help businesses act on their ideas.

1. Consider what’s important and achievable here and now

Yes, businesses require long term plans for success, but these plans are likely to fail if they aren’t based on organic growth and a phased approach that sees you make confident strides (rather than unsteady leaps) forward.

2. Concentrate on your business, not the business world

To allow you to really focus on your plans, you need to forget the world to some degree. There are uncertainties in the marketplace and a lot could be thrown at businesses this year, but knowing what you want will see you through this.

3. Seek advice not answers

This applies to all aspects of a business but particularly finance. Many turn to banks who will give yes or no answers but not advice. If you’re considering a borrowing solution, brokers with independent access to lenders will tell you if it’s right for you – and if not they will be able to assist, offering advice along with examples of similar clients, to enable you to find funding that’s a good fit for your aspirations.

Everybody wants something. We’re excited to set many businesses on the right financial path for their ‘something’. View examples here.

Mike Coates, Managing Director

Since 2008, Mike has been building a team of experts who continuously deliver results for their clients.