“Devoted to great service”

Ken Macrae - Appointed Representative – Highlands of Scotland

He joined us as the appointed representative for the Highlands in 2019 and now takes great care of our Scottish clients.

My finance background is pretty extensive. I got a degree in Economics at the University of Edinburgh, then spent the next 20 years working in banking across Scotland and the north-west of England. After qualifying as a Chartered Banker, I finished my banking career as a bank manager, then joined the Commercial Expert team in 2019.  What I like most about my role with Commercial Expert is that dealing with us means dealing with an individual. There are no call centres or waiting times, just great service with the best solution from across the market, delivered in a traditional way.  Occasionally we can pull something off that others can’t because we are a close team and still work directly with bank underwriters. I was dealing with a great client whose case was a complex picture for a lender. We never gave up, and by working together with the client, accountant and solicitor, we delivered an unsecured business loan that no other broker could.  Commercial Expert knows what great service looks like and how to deliver it.